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Baseball Performance

Train Like The Pros

Baseball and Bat

Whether you are returning from an injury or looking to maximize your performance, our baseball development programs will help you discover your potential and take your game to the next level 

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Step 1: Baseball performance Assessments

This unique screening process for pitchers and hitters helps players and coaches to determine their body-hitting connection and body-pitching connection. Keep reading for more details on the assessment process

OnBase University Hitting/Pitching Screen:

The process will start with the OnBase University Hitting or Pitching physical screening. The OnBase University physical screen that will examine your movement quality, mobility, stability and strength specific to baseball.  Limitations in these areas can lead to inefficient and inconsistent mechanics which can limit your performance. There are two different screens for hitters and pitchers.

High Speed Video Analysis:

Next, we will perform video analysis of your hitting or pitching mechanics. This is done to identify any hitting or pitching characteristics which might be limiting your performance. We can then use the information from the physical screening and video analysis to determine your body-hitting connection and body-pitching connection. 

  • Once we understand how your swing characteristics and physical limitations are related, we can work with you to develop a unique plan to help improve your game.

K Baseball: 3D analysis of your hitting mechanics 

K Vest provides a 3D analysis of how a player is generating power, sequencing movements and hitting the ball. K Vest allows us to examine each player's kinematic sequence and swing efficiency, or how well you transfer energy from your body to the bat. This provides us with valuable information about the power and consistency of your swing that cannot be seen on video. Since each player's swing and body are different, 3D analysis  determines how well your swing works for you. 


K-Vest also provides biofeedback training which can help you train the proper movements of your swing and help speed up the learning process.  

Baseball specific strength and power testing: Provided by Proteus Motion 

Speed and power are more important in the game of baseball than ever before for both hitters and pitchers. We offer very specific power testing for baseball which assesses the major power sources of the body: the upper body, lower body, core and rotational power. We used to perform this with medicine ball testing until last year when we added Proteus Motion. Proteus Motion is an advanced 3D trainer that allows us to assess whole body power and acceleration in the movement patterns and muscle groups important to baseball. This helps to identify your strengths and weaknesses and identify where you need to prioritize your training. Proteus Motion is used by several high performance baseball centers such as Cressey Sports Performance. 

Baseball Performance Training 

Based on the results of your assessment, we will then design your individualized program. This will include all of your workouts based on your needs, goals, equipment and time. Our programs are designed specifically for baseball players and are designed to enhance complete athletic performance by building strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance. 

There are several options for your individualized golf training program:

  • 1-on-1 Training Through Single Sessions or a Variety of Monthly Program Options and Packages

  • Group or Team Training

  • Online remote training programs

  • Pricing options for individual sessions or monthly packages will vary. Contact us for more information.

  • *If you are experiencing pain check out our specialized baseball rehabilitation programs here.

It is our intent to continually monitor your progress. Our re-assessment protocol will monitor you on timed intervals to determine how the program is faring and where changes need to be made for the subsequent weeks routines.



I saw Jared to get feedback on my pitching delivery and swing mechanics. He did a physical assessment to determine strengths and limitations, analyzed my video, and used a computer program to show the exact sequencing of my movement. The feedback is eye opening! Jared put together a full report/synopsis of his findings including exercises to begin balancing out any limitations. It all is explained very clearly.I highly recommend working with Jared to any baseball player wanting to improve mechanics/movement patterns, prevent injury, and become a better player.  

-Will Coursen-Carr

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