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Our Remote Training Programs offer a completely unique and individualized fitness plan allowing you to train with purpose anywhere, anytime and enjoy 24/7 communications with our team of professionals.

How It Works:

Step 1: Performance Assessment 

All programs start with a 60-minute Physical Assessment. You can either come in person for this or complete this through a video conference. This is an important step for our team to both educate and train you. Physical reassessments will take place throughout the program, this helps us to continually keep up to date on your body’s response and progress. 

Step 2: Choose Your Training Program

After the physical assessment our team creates your training program. Our programs are individualized to the equipment and space you have available. Your Performance Coach will deliver your program via our online coaching app (CoachNow). You will have a schedule, sets, reps and a video example of each exercise. With 24/7 support from the team; we will help you to understand how your body impacts your specific goals. We will educate you and teach you how to maximize your body’s physical potential for your sports and help take your performance and health to the next level. 

Who Is This Appropriate For?:

Our remote training programs can be customized for all individuals but this program is very popular with:

  • Busy adults who have difficulty making it to the gym on a set schedule, but still want individualized coaching

  • Those who want the accountability and individualization from a coach, while having the freedom to complete their program at their convenience 

  • Those who live outside the Fort Wayne area, but still want to experience our training programs

  • Golfers wanting to improve their flexibility, mobility, strength and power.

  • Baseball players wanting to improve mobility, strength, power, velocity and health


Explore Our Programs Anywhere, Anytime

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