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Golf Performance

Move Better. Feel Better. Play Better

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Our Golf Performance Programs have everything you need to increase your distance, improve your consistency, decrease pain and shoot lower scores.

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Step 1: Golf performance Evaluation

To Help Determine Your Unique Needs

Titleist Performance Institute Physical Screening

Each assessment will begin with a TPI physical screen which assesses the specific movement patterns required for golf. This screen examines the golfer's flexibility, stability, balance and strength. A limitation in one of these areas can lead to an inefficient and inconsistent golf swing. 

Next, we will perform video analysis of your swing to establish how your swing characteristics and physical limitations are related. We can then work with you to develop a game improvement plan to finally fix your swing and improve your game. Once we understand how your swing characteristics and physical limitations are related, we can work with you to develop a unique plan to help improve your game. *We work closely with swing coaches during this process.

K Motion 3D Swing Analysis

3D motion analysis determines your golf  swing efficiency, or how well you transfer energy from your body to the  club head. This provides us with valuable information about your power and consistency. Since each golfer's swing and body are different, 3D analysis  determines how well your swing works for you. 

 K-Vest also provides biofeedback training which can help you train the proper movements of your swing and help speed up the learning process. 

Golf specific strength and power testing: Provided by Proteus Motion 

Speed and power are more important in the game of golf than ever before. Our power testing protocol for golf can see if you possess the power and strength required to achieve the speed you desire. This series of tests assesses the major power sources of the body: the upper body, lower body, core and rotational power. 

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Step 2: Select Your Program 

After your assessment we will design a 100% customized program around your unique needs and goals. 

We offer several options for your individualized golf training program to match your schedule and training needs:

  • 1-on-1 Training: Train 1 on 1  with your expert coach on exactly what you need.  Great for golfers who  want individual attention and the utmost attention to detail. We offer single training sessions as well as monthly membership options

  • Hybrid training programs: Great option for the busy golfer or those out of the area.  A blend of in person 1 on 1 training and virtual training and coaching using the CoachNow App to assure proper form and progressions between in person sessions.  

  • Online Training (Through CoachNow App)

  • Small Group or Team Training 

  • *Pricing options for these programs varies. Contact us for more information 

Regardless of which program you choose, it is our intent to continually monitor your progress throughout the program. Via our Re-Assessment protocol you will be monitored on timed intervals to determine how the program is faring and where changes need to be made for the subsequent weeks routines.

Check Out our Client Testimonials video

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 I am surprised at what a difference the little bit that I’ve done has made. I don’t have as much trouble loosening up to begin playing and it isn’t as painful. With full swings I am able to make a fuller extension on take away and it is making a noticeable difference in consistency and clubhead speed. I also seem to be able to turn through the ball more freely on short pitches. I’m excited about the results and plan to be more diligent with my workouts.

-Steve R. 

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