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Our Mission

JB Performance is dedicated to help individuals reach their fullest potential through an integrated approach to physical therapy, fitness, and performance training. Our goal is to help you perform at your best whether that means getting back to sports or simply a healthier and happier lifestyle in an environment suitable for all ages and activity levels. 

We believe that elite athletes aren't the only people that deserve elite level care and services.  We want to offer an elite level of care to those in the Fort Wayne area, whether it is through physical therapy or improved performance in our golf and baseball training programs.

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Weight Lifting
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Our Principles

Emphasize Individual Care

  • You'll be an equal partner in the development of your care. You will always know the direction of your plan. Our goal is leave every patient with a long-term plan for health improvement and lifelong wellness that aligns with your goals. 

  • We value an individualized approach to your program; we do not use cookie-cutter programs for all of our clients. This assures you get exactly what you need.

  • Our sessions are not rushed and our appointments are not overbooked.

  • We pride ourselves on spending one-on-one time with you utilizing a hands-on approach.

  • Our focus is on outcomes, culture, client experience, and client satisfaction, not revenue.

Provide an elite level experience

  • We provide elite level physical therapy, fitness, and sports performance for motivated individuals that are looking to do what it takes to perform optimally and get the most out of their bodies.

  • We will maximize your outcomes through comprehensive assessment, program design, treatment, training, and coaching

  • We pledge to always provide cutting edge services and will continue to evolve as new technology and techniques become available.  

  • We are constantly continuing to learn and expand our skills. We never stop learning so you never stop advancing.

Optimize health & performance through an integrated approach

  • We can help you recover from injuries or surgery, get stronger, move better and perform better.

  • We will guide you through the injury process and help you return to optimal health and wellness, not just back to baseline.

  • We are always communicating and collaborating with other members of your team to help you achieve your best.

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