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Discover how to relieve pain and get back in the game 

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If you’ve recently picked up an injury, or if you’ve been suffering with an injury for a while - it can be very tempting to pass it off as “nothing serious” and simply “put up with it” carrying on as best you can. Or, it can be very easy to get disheartened and end up feeling “stuck”, wondering if you’ll ever be able to get back to playing baseball or keeping active like you used to…

The good news is that you do not have to just accept this as part of the game and there are actually several things that can be done to address your pain and get back in the game.  

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“Why is this happening to me?” or “Why am I still dealing with pain after dealing with if for three months (or more)?

Many baseball players hope that they'll wake up one morning and "like magic", it'll be as if the pain never happened. Unfortunately if this has been going on for a few months, this isn't likely to happen. Pain can be very frustrating and the longer is goes on the more you start to question why this is happening and wonder if something is significantly wrong. 

The longer the pain goes on, the more you start to look for answers. Maybe you you’ve been told different things by teamates, coaches or family members or have tried to find answers on the internet which often makes things even more confusing and causing more fear in the process. Maybe you think you have to rest. Or, that you should be doing “this exercise” and “that exercise” to make the pain go away. Maybe you think that surgery is your only option.  All of this information can make it overwhelming and confusing to know what exactly what to do. 

If you are currently dealing with Pain  There are several  reasons why it could be lasting longer than it should:

  • You thought the pain would go away on its own, but it hasn't.

  • You went to the doctor, who told you to rest and take medications—but the pills have only masked the pain, and as soon as they wore off, the pain was right back where it started.

  • You have continued to try to play through the pain 

  • You tried other healthcare professionals in the past, but nothing they said or did seemed to help. Or, the exercises given only made the pain worse!

  • You tried ice, braces,  IcyHot and Googled "best exercises", but nothing helped for very long. Ice and stretching felt a bit better in the moment but the pain relief didn't last long.

  • You decided to try a massage, but while it was relaxing and felt good, it hasn't done anything to fix the pain for more than a couple of hours or days!

Talk to us first

We realize some athletes are “unsure” if physical therapy is the right option for them. It could be that you’re not sure it’ll work, or whether we can help with your particular pain or injury, or maybe you had a bad experience somewhere in the past. Try out of these FREE options below to start your journey toward better health and a return playing baseball pain free.  

Our Process

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How Can You Get Rid of the pain in your Game?

Commit to getting some help

First off, make a decision about getting help. So many players procrastinate for so long, thinking that the pain will "just go away with time" or that pain is "normal" and they keep trying to push through it, 

See a Medical Professional Who Understands Baseball Players 

It is crucial that your healthcare provider understands baseball and how the body actually functions during that sport. Baseball players have unique demands on their shoulder and their body compared to the general population and should be treated as such. This connection between the body and your sport is crucial to optimizing your outcome with your rehab. It will be very difficult to create an effective rehab plan if you don't have an understanding of what is required of the body in the sport or if certain mechanics are contributing to the pain. Our therapists have invested significant time in understanding this relationship and have completed advanced training to meet the unique needs of baseball players. We are also former collegiate baseball players who competed in these sports and understand what you are going through.

Get the Right Diagnosis 

Arriving at the correct diagnosis can help identify the appropriate treatment for you. One of the best things to help you ease your pain is to do the right series of exercises for the root cause of your  pain. The right exercises given to you by a seasoned physical therapist will help reduce pain and allow you to move freely again, AND make sure that the problems don't come back when you start competing! 


Seek Treatment for the Entire Body

Any sport involves full body movement. Just focusing on the painful area such as the shoulder or elbow while neglecting the rest of the body will often times yield an unfavorable outcome. Often times the area of the pain is just the source, but the true underlying causes if often in a different area of the body. If you don't address this the pain will likely keep coming back. For example, the shoulder or elbow might be where the pain is located, yet the root of the problem often in the shoulder blade, middle back, neck, core or even the lower half. 

Get Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can offer a wide range of benefits to help get you out of pain and back to activity. We offer hands on therapy as well as tools such as dry needling and cupping to help with reducing pain and improving your mobility. We don’t believe in using this as the only means of your treatment, but it can be useful tool to decreasing your pain and getting you back to moving. Pain relief is just one aspect of the equation. We also believe in building up the resiliency of the body to help make sure your body is prepared to return to competition. 


I saw Jared to get feedback on my pitching delivery and swing mechanics. He did a physical assessment to determine strengths and limitations, analyzed my video, and used a computer program to show the exact sequencing of my movement. The feedback is eye opening! Jared put together a full report/synopsis of his findings including exercises to begin balancing out any limitations. It all is explained very clearly.
I highly recommend working with Jared to any baseball player wanting to improve mechanics/movement patterns, prevent injury, and become a better player.  


—  Will Coursen-Carr

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