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Performance Therapy 

Helping you stay at the top of your game and getting the most out of your body

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What Is Performance Therapy?

A common misconception is that you need to have an injury or pain to get physical therapy or benefit from it . This couldn't be further from the truth and is a very limited view on the services physical therapists can provide. Physical therapists are experts of the musculoskeletal of the body and human movement, whether you are injured or not. Our performance therapy services take this knowledge and apply it to wellness, fitness and performance. 

Our performance therapy services are geared toward healthy individuals who want to improve efficiency and performance, while increasing resistance to injury. You don’t need to have an injury to optimize your performance. Our hands on approach to manual therapy and exercise is designed to enhance how well you move and perform, reduce risk of future injuries by restoring imbalances and normalizing movement deficiencies. We offer specialized performance therapy services for golf and baseball, but also offer these services for active adults wanting to take a proactive approach to their health and performance. 

These performance therapy appointments will begin with a screening/assessment process. The goal of these is to identify a) what a person's sport or activity demands are & b) what their current capability to meet those demands are. Once we know this then we can design a performance enhacement program to you can reach your potential.

Here are some examples of our performance therapy Services:


The screening process consists of a combination of whole body functional movement and dynamic balance testing along with previous injury history to identify movement limitations or irregularities, abnormal balance patterns, and areas in which notable strength deficits are present. The screen will include exercise prescription if indicated. No manual treatments will be performed though they may be recommended or considered. The patient will also be provided with a plan of care should the individual need to seek other professional guidance or personal training. If the patient needs physical therapy, this will be assessed and discussed at the time. Movement screens are 45-60 minutes long.

Participation in the movement screens will provide you with information about your movement limitations and areas of possible injury risk, as well as help you understand how you compare to your peers. You can use this information to focus your training on areas that will give you the most benefit and help you stay healthy and injury-free.


*Movement Screens can be offered remotely as well. Contact us for more information.

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JB Performance and Reconditioning, Ho Physical Therapy, TPI, Golf Performance, Sports Therapy, Baseball Performance, Dry Needling, Fitness, Health, Wellness, Concussion Management, Goals, Manual Therapy, Holistic

Baseball Arm Care Programs

Throwing a baseball is the fastest motion observed in all of sports and puts significant stress on the arm. In order to stay health and maximize your performance it is vital that you prioritize your arm care program. It has been shown  that after a pitcher throws, particularly in a game, they lose shoulder range of motion. Professional pitchers have this taken care of, but often times this goes unaddressed at the high school level and even in college. If unresolved, this loss of range of motion can be setting you up for future injury. Regular arm care including manual therapy and soft tissue work to maintain your mobility and keep your arm stable during the season can be an effective way to keep you feeling and performing at your best. Here is what the program consists of: 

  • Restore and maintain pitcher-specific mobility with manual therapy, soft tissue massage, and flexibility techniques

  • Build a built proof arm with the most effective rotator cuff, scapula, and forearm exercises

  • Combination of exercises and manual resistance exercises to enhance strength and dynamic stability of the arm

This arm care can be applied inseason and during the offseason to help to recover after the long baseball season and can easily be incorporated into your existing strength and conditioning program. 

Golf Mobility Programs

The game of golf requires significant mobility throughout the body, but especially the neck, spine, hips, shoulders and wrists. Even the ankles play a significant role in the golf swing. Our golf performance assessment we will quickly identify these limitations in the body and how they relate to your swing. We can attack this two different ways. Certain exercises can be effective for improving this, but sometimes a player might reach a plateau with this. Our hands on treatment can help get past these barriers and make these exercises more effective. Typically only a couple sessions are needed. 

These specialized golf mobility programs can easily be incorporated into your existing training program. 

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