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Step 1: Baseball performance Assessments 

A thorough assessment allows us to create a unique program for you to achieve your goals, maximum longevity and optimize performance. The assessment includes: Detailed health history, OnBase University Screening and FMS Screening, Baseball Specific Strength and Power Testing, K Motion 3D Swing Analysis, Video Swing/Pitching Analysis 


  • 1-Day assessment: $150:

*Evaluation and exercise prescription provided on the same day. On average this appointment takes 2 hours. 

  • 2-Day assessment: $200:

*Evaluation and exercise prescription provided on separate days. Day 1 is all evaluation and data collection. On day 2 you come back 24-48 hours later and go through programming and exercise prescription. Plan on up to 90 minutes for each day.  

* Discounts are available to members at any of our partnered gyms or baseball teams

  • Team Assessments Also Available: Price varies. Call (260) 222-6157 to get more information 

Baseball Performance Pricing Options

Step 2: Choose Your Plan

Individual Training Sessions: $75/hour

*You can also take advantage of one of the monthly membership packages below 

Individual Manual Therapy Session (30 min): $50

*Consists of manual therapy to help improve mobility deficits identified in the evaluation or help recovery in season 


Individual K Vest Hitting Biofeedback Training Session (Self Guided): $25

Monthly Memberships: 1-on-1 Baseball Performance Training 

*Further Discounts Offered For Multiple Month Programs (3, 6, 9 and 12 month options available). 



Meet 1x/week for 1-on-1 training sessions. Price also includes home program and monthly reassessment 





Meet 2 times per week for 1-on-1 training sessions. Price also includes home program and monthly reassessment





Meet 3 times/week for 1-on-1  training sessions. Price also includes home program and monthly reassessment




Home Run

Unlimited package. Includes ability to attend training sessions on unlimited basis. Also includes access to 1 month of manual therapy services if needed access to K Vest biofeedback training



Remote Training Program: improve Your Game From the Comfort Of Your Own Home

Price: $199/mo

*Discounts Available For Multiple Month Packages

Welcome to the Remote Training Protocol (RTP). All programs start with a 60-minute Physical Assessment. Our Performance Team will video conference you (at your convenience) to personally guide and instruct you through the physical assessment process. This is an important step for our team to both educate and train you. Physical reassessments will take place throughout the program, this helps us to continually keep up to date on your body’s response and progress. 

After the physical assessment our team creates your training program. Your Performance Coach will deliver your program via our online coaching app. You will have a schedule, sets, reps and a video example of each exercise. With 24/7 support from the team; we will help you to understand how your body impacts your baseball goals. We will educate you and teach you how to maximize your body’s physical potential relative to baseball. 

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