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An Inside Look At Our Golf Performance Evaluation

Today I wanted to give golfers an inside look at our golf performance evaluation. This is the starting point for every new client/golfer we work with. While each evaluation process is individualized to your unique needs, this post will give you some insight into what to expect while going through this process and how it can help your performance on the golf course.

Step 1:

Every golf performance evaluation begins with a subjective history. During this portion of the evaluation we gain an understanding of what your specific goals are, what you are looking for in a program and we also get some background information on your golf game and any relevant medical or injury history. This is an important first step in the process and allows us to tailor the rest of the evaluation process to your unique goals and needs.

Step 2: Physical Testing and swing analysis

The next step in the evaluation process will examine all the ways your body can affect your golf swing and your performance. This step helps to establish your unique body swing connection and also relate this information to your unique goals. The videos below will highlight the different elements of the evaluation.

1. TPI Screening: Developed the by Titleist Performance Institute. This screen looks at several key functions for your body to perform during the golf swing: the ability to control your core, the ability to rotate, the ability to maintain posture, your ability to create separation between your upper and lower body and your ability to set and release the club. The physical limitations identified in this screen are strongly correlated to swing characteristics such as sway/slide, loss of posture, reverse spine angle, early extension, casting, scooping and more that can limit your efficiency, power and consistency on the course. We also perform additional local testing of the limitations identified by the TPI screening to give you the most appropriate plan to address it.

2. K Vest and Video Swing Analysis:

The K Vest 3-D technology allows us to examine your swing efficiency- how well you transfer energy through your body to the  club head. Since each golfer's swing is different, 3D analysis determines how well your swing works for you. This also allows us to examine how your body is moving throughout the swing. This can provide valuable information for both performance and injury in golf. For more information on K Vest click here.

The video analysis will identify which swing characteristics are present and how they relate to your physical limitations. *It's important to note that as a medical and fitness professional our evaluation will deal strictly with the physical aspects affecting your performance on the course. We do not give swing instruction. We work closely alongside all coaches and golf professionals who will work with you on the technical/mechanical aspects of your swing.

Functional Movement Screening: Examines basic movement patterns for daily activity. This sees if you have a good foundation/base prior to adding sport specific work.

Power Testing: examines the different power sources in your golf swing. This looks at the upper body, core, lower body and rotary power. With this information we can see how you stack up against the PGA/LPGA/World long drive norms. We can actually come very close to predicting your potential ball speed with this data.

Strength Testing: Golf specific strength testing of your core, upper body, lower body and grip.

Contact us for more information about our golf performance assessments and training programs or to schedule your assessment.

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