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Introducing OnBase University to Fort Wayne!

Why should you get an OnBase University hitting screen?

As a baseball or softball coach or player have you ever had difficulty trying to fix a mechanical issue despite different tips/drills, training devices and lessons? This can be very frustrating and discouraging for both the athlete and coach.

Have you ever thought about what role your body plays in this process? Can your body perform the movements needed to swing the way you or your coach wants you to? Does your swing work for your body?

I think the body is the most commonly neglected piece of the coaching/instructing process. I’m not talking about physical fitness. I think most coaches and athletes now recognize importance of strength and conditioning. I’m talking about does your body have the ability to perform the specific movement patterns needed in the baseball swing? I was exposed to this line of thinking by the Titleist Performance Institute five years ago when I completed extensive certification on the relationship between the golf swing and the body. As a former baseball player I couldn’t help but think why doesn’t something like this exist for baseball and softball players?

Well now it does exist, thanks to OnBase University! The OnBase University hitting screen quickly identifies any physical limitations specific to the baseball/softball swing and relates those to the player’s swing and performance. It also provides simple guidelines to help get the player on the right track.

As a former baseball player, part of the mission of my new business was to help baseball and softball coaches and players better understand the relationship between the body and the swing. This screen is not meant to replace coaching/instruction or your existing training programs. Rather, it should enhance them and help get everyone on your team (athlete, coach, trainer, medical staff) on the same page. This can help make the learning process and your development improve at a much quicker rate.

As one of the only OnBase University certified professionals in Indiana I think there is a great opportunity to work with coaches and fitness professionals in the area to help take our athletes to new levels of performance and health. Please contact us at 260-222-6157 or to learn more about this. Also stay tuned as I will be posting more on information on how OnBase University is changing the game.

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