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Introducing Proteus Motion

Proteus Motion

I'm excited to announce that we will soon be adding Proteus Motion to our location at Touchet Performance Golf. This will be the first facility in Indiana with this cutting edge technology and one of the only facilities in the Midwest. This system is being utilized at the highest levels of golf and baseball by athletes such as Bryson DeChambeau and training centers such as Cressey Sports Performance. This technology will offer several benefits to the golfers and baseball players we work with. With this week's blog post I will go into more detail on what Proteus Motion is and some of the unique features it offers.

What is Proteus Motion?

Proteus Motion is a 3D resistance training system that moves in all planes of motion and creates an equal amount of resistance in all planes of motion. You can see a picture of the Proteus system above.

What does it feel like?

The resistance from this system is truly unique and unlike anything I have felt before. It is different from any cable machine or other exercise equipment out there. The closest comparison would be similar to the resistance felt moving through water. Words truly don't do it justice. I believe it is best to experience it first hand.

What are some of the benefits of Proteus compared to other training equipment?


One of the primary benefits of Proteus Motion is the ability to assess full body strength and power. This currently is the only piece of equipment that provides insight into the strength, power and acceleration throughout the body. You can see and example of my power report from a recent testing I went through. The areas of the body are color coded to indicate your percentile rank for each area of the body. In the near future you will be able to compare yourself against others your age and your specific sport. This information can be extremely valuable for making an individualized training program to help maximize your performance and health. It really takes a lot of the guesswork out of the program design process and make these decisions very individualized to your unique needs. However, you still have to put in the effort and work to get there.

Here are some of Bryson's thoughts on the assessments on the Proteus system:

“The Proteus system has been an amazing tool to see how much power and acceleration I am producing in my rotational motions,” DeChambeau said in a statement. “Proteus allows me to see if I’m getting stronger each week, if I need to work harder and what adjustments I should be making to optimize my training. Proteus Motion has groundbreaking technology that I believe will revolutionize strength training for athletes across all levels of sports.” (Lemire)


There are also several advantages to training with the Proteus System:

  • Greater Muscle Activation: As mentioned earlier Proteus provides constant and consistent resistance throughout the entire range of motion unlike other strength equipment. This can result in greater muscle activation during the exercise

  • Less Soreness: This type of resistance also eliminates the eccentric portion of the exercise. Without getting too technical this the part of the exercise that typically results in post exercise soreness. While soreness isn't always bad, there may be times of the training year where we will want to limit this such as in season. Proteus allows you to still train hard without the negative side of soreness and good recovery. I can speak to this first hand in my experience on the system. I went through a fairly intense workout while testing it out and felt great the following day.

  • Low Impact: Another excellent benefit of this system is that it is low impact. As mentioned above the resistance feels similar to the resistance created moving through water, another low impact form of exercise. This makes Proteus a good option for all age ranges from juniors to seniors. The resistance can also be adjusted from 1-35 pounds, allowing you adjust the intensity of the exercise. 35 pounds might sound light to some, but trust me it is intense.

  • Ability to track your progress: Every user of the Proteus system has their own profile. The system will track and save your results from every exercise you perform allowing you to assess your progress and also gives immediate feedback on each repetition as a good internal motivator as you perform the exercise.

  • 3D Resistance: Proteus allows you to train in any direction, meaning that there are endless possibilities for training. You are only limited by your imagination.

Summary: After experiencing Proteus first hand a week ago I was blown away and it was a no brainer to decide to get one Touchet Performance Golf. I think that this will truly help enhance our rehab and performance programs and take them to the next level . I would encourage everyone in the Fort Wayne area to come check this out. I hope to have it installed in the next month. Below are a couple pictures and video of me testing out Proteus at ProForce Sports Performance in Cincinnati.


Lemire, Joe. (2021, October 12). Bryson DeChambeau, inspired by Instagam ad, joins $3 million seed round for Proteus Motion. SportTechie. Retrieved November 7, 2021, from

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