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Recommended Items For the Golf Home Gym

Home gyms have become very popular over the past several years. If you are a golfer and are in the process of building out your home gym or have one and would like to add a few pieces of golf specific equipment I wanted to give a few recommendations of some of my favorite pieces of training equipment. The items listed below will include a combination lower and higher priced items depending on your budget.

Gray Cook Band ($45): This multipurpose band is a very versatile piece of equipment that allows you to perform a variety of mobility and strength exercises for various regions of the body. The 3 loops on the band also make it very easy to anchor the band to items around the house for the strength movements. There are a variety of resistance options. For most golfers I recommend that they start with level 1 or 2. It's also very easy to pack and take on the road if you travel a lot.

Med Ball ($39):

Med balls are a good tool for developing speed and power in patterns that translate well to the golf swing. There are a variety of med ball exercises such as rotational shot put throws and slam variations that work the muscle of the core and arms responsible for producing speed and power in the golf swing. There are different types of medicine balls. In my opinion a soft medicine ball as pictured is the best option for most exercises over the harder med balls or sand filled med balls.

Down Shift Red Line Training Bundle ($99): This training bundle from Down Shift Golf consists of a variety of different resistance bands which are very beneficial for training various movements of the golf swing. The various resistance ranges allow you to train different regions of the body as well as training for strength, speed or power.

Whats that Strap: Straps/Bands/Handle

What's that strap designs a variety of unique straps, bands and handles which are great excellent for training a variety of rotational mobility and strength exercises. I would highly recommend their products.

Ancore Trainer ($649):

The Ancore trainer has become of my favorite pieces of equipment for golfers doing the

majority of the workouts at home. Cable machines are an excellent piece of training equipment for golfers. However they are not the most practical for the home gym. Ancore solves that problem by condensing the traditional cable machine into a compact piece of equipment that offers resistance comparable to some of the higher end cable machines. While this is a pricier option than the others listed , it is a fraction of the cost of a cable machine and also very compact and space friendly making it a great option for home. Resistance levels can go up 65 lb which is plenty for the majority of golfers. There are a variety of mounting options as well. You can also easily take the Ancore trainer on the road if you travel a lot for work.

ROTEX Motion Trainer ($349 for floor model and $149 for handle):

ROTEX has become a staple in my golf mobility programs. The ROTEX system is great at training mobility head to toe in patterns that are transferable to the golf swing. The routines are also quick to perform and you and go through a whole body routine in just over 5 minutes. While they are expensive, they are worth it and I have seen great results since using their product. They are also easily portable and can be used as part of the pre round warm up.

Free Weights (Kettlebell/Dumbbell): Dumbbells and kettlebells are good option for building strength in the upper and lower body. You can start with a lighter set and as you build strength start to add heavier weights.

K Box ($1390-$2290):

The K Box is the most expensive of the options listed, but there are a ton of great benefits to this piece of equipment that would make it a great addition to the home gym depending on your budget. The K Box is great at building strength and power in the lower body and core which are crucial muscles in the golf swing. Flywheel training is a little different than traditional free weight equipment as the resistance varies depending on the energy you put into it. The more energy you put into it, the more it gives back. This puts in the user in control of the resistance, making it safe to use. The harness attachment options of the k box also are great for taking stress of the spine and back compared to traditional back squats, which is an important consideration for golfers as back pain can be very common problem among golfers. Similar to some of the other pieces of equipment listed the K Box is light, compact and easily portable making it ideal for the home gym. I train with the K Box regularly and have seen great gains in strength and power since incorporating it.

If you are interested in setting up a golf home gym set up hopefully this gives you some ideas on what to add within your desired budget. I also offer remote training programs and can design a home program around any of the equipment you have available. If you would like assistance with either you can contact me at

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