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The Science Of Power

Almost every golfer that I work with has a goal of adding more speed and distance to their game. Today we are going to discuss some of the common strategies we can use in our performance programs to increase your power and distance on the course.

To start off this discussion we will give a quick definition of what power is: Power= Force x Velocity. In order have power you need to be able to create force and you need to do it fast. You can be strong, but still not be powerful if you are lacking speed. On the other hand you can have speed, but still not be powerful if you are lacking force/strength. The most powerful golfers and athletes in the world are both strong and fast.

How can we use this information to get you more speed and distance off the tee? There are two common strategies you can utilize to increase your power output in the golf swing:

  1. You can increase the Torque/Force applied to the club

  2. You can increase the amount of time the torque/force is applied

Below we will discuss what these two options look like and practical application for this information

1. Increase the Torque/Force Applied to the club: Good examples of this in golf include golfers such as Tony Finau or Jon Rahm. These are golfers who have relatively shorter backswings yet still produce well above average speed and distance. They are able to apply a lot of torque/force to the club to offset the shorter distance the club is traveling. What does this have to do with your training or performance program? This is directly related to your body's power/strength as well as your ability to create rotational acceleration throughout your body during the golf swing. We can assess each of these areas to determine your unique strengths and weaknesses/areas for further improvement.

2. Increase the amount of time the torque/force is applied: This is the second option for increasing your speed. A good example of this principle would be golfers such as Bubba Watson or John Daly who have a big backswing and take the club very far back. This allows them to apply force/torque to the golf club over a greater period of time and as result produce greater speed at impact. What does this have to do with your training program? This principle is strongly related to your body's range of motion and mobility. Your ability to rotate your spine, hips, neck and shoulders is important to take advantage of this principle. There are also swing modifications you can make as well to take advantage of this principle.

3. Combination of the two: The most powerful golfers in the world, such as World Long Drive competitors like Kyle Berkshire or Justin James are able to maximize both of these strategies.

The purpose of this post is not to give any technical advise. It is to highlight how some of the most powerful golfers are able to produce and generate the speed they do. We can apply some of this information to develop a customized program for you that best matches your specific goals. We will also be doing some follow up posts that will go into more detail on each of these concepts and principles.

If you are interested in adding more speed and distance to your game this offseason feel free to contact us and see how we can help you make the most of your offseason this winter.

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